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European Bluestone® Pavers – SALE




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Matching pool coping : Drop Face | Bullnose | Bevel Edge


For a great PRICE, extremely durable bluestone pavers with the epitome of bluestone’s natural beauty. We recommend you follow the following guidelines when purchasing our BLUESTONE:
12mm thick: tiles should be laid directly onto a concrete slab or great for balconies, decks or indoor floor tiles.
20mm thick: pavers can be laid as above OR onto a compacted road base into a wet slurry of sand and cement
30mm thick: pavers can be laid as both above or onto a compacted road base into a dry sand bed, great for tiling over easements or where you require water permeation.
Perfect for outdoor areas including patio and pool areas due to their durability and hard-wearing qualities. Bluestone is made of natural stone resulting in colour variation between (piece)s ensuring a beautiful natural stone look. All Natural Stones are products of nature and no two (piece)s are exactly alike.
There will be naturally occurring Cat’s Paw featured on (each) paver, varying from 0 to 40% of (each) individual pavers surface area. Cat’s Paw is a series of small pits which is naturally formed in bluestone. It is commonly seen as a decorative design feature.
Natural Stones, particularly igneous products (formed from volcanic eruptions – Granite & Bluestone), inherently have vesiculations, veining and crazing (lines) that may appear on the surface of the stone. These characteristics are normal and are considered part of the stone. These natural characteristics do not affect the structural integrity of the stone. Once the product is laid, the natural variations form part of the natural beauty of the stone..
Bluestone is often packed very tightly and are wet at the point of production and are unable to totally dry out until unpacked. They will often lighten in colour as they dry. Dry tiles are necessary prior to installation.
Prior to installation, always ensure batches of bluestone are shuffled to achieve evenness in the distribution of any colour variation. This will mean opening all crates or pallets supplied prior to installation. It is normal for natural stone to have some minor chipping along the edge of the product created during the manufacturing process.
We HIGHLY recommend laying in a brick pattern with a 8mm grout joint.
SIZES AVAILABLE are as follows…..
600×300, 400×400 800×400 in 12mm
600×300, 400×400, 500×500, 800×400, 1000×500 in 20mm and also 30mm thickness
MATCHING POOL COPING available in Drop Down, Bullnose, Bevel Edge
The European has a medium grey colour with cool blue undertones. As a result, they make excellent pool pavers and pool coping tiles as they enhance the blue colour of your pool.
If you need a hand or have any questions regarding bluestone, give our Stone Experts a call: (03) 9706 9767 or contact us here.


1000x500x20mm (m²), 1000x500x30mm (m²), 400x400x12mm (m²), 400x400x20mm (m²), 400x400x30mm (m²), 500x500x20mm (m²), 500x500x30mm (m²), 600x300x12mm (m²), 600x300x20mm (m²), 600x300x30mm (m²), 800x400x12mm (m²), 800x400x20mm (m²), 800x400x30mm (m²)

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